The following letter was sent by the craft coordinator to all 2009 craft teachers after camp telling them of our second Craft Basket winner, "Audrey", and to share with them what their kindness brought to her.

Dear Ladies,

This letter comes because of your generosity. Again I want to share with you a tale regarding the Craft Basket you helped create this year. It is amazing what kindness will do and it is astounding how far that kindness reaches. Let me explain.

Forever friends, Judi and Audrey, had been coming to camp for 9 years together. How they looked forward to their "play time" when they could recharge their batteries and spend some valued time together creating. However, serious health issues presented a dim view for Audrey to be able to come to camp. This left Judi wondering if she should or could even make the trip without her friend. Time ticked away and a final decision was made. Audrey simply could not come. After careful thought Judi decided to attend anyway. It was a hard choice to come without her good and dear friend.

Camp was nearing its end and Judi decided to buy two tickets for the Craft Basket. Tickets in hand, Judi wrote "Audrey" on one ticket and "Judi" on the other. Imagine the delight for Judi when one of the numbered tickets in her hand was called. Turning the ticket over she saw "Audrey" written on the back. When she took her ticket to be verified by Sue, she said, "This is not my basket, it is for Audrey". How many friends are like that!!!

Judi then called homebound Audrey and said, "Shall I buy some tickets on the Craft Basket?" to which Audrey replied, "No don't bother". With excitement, Judi then said, "Too bad…I already have…and YOU WON!!" Total joy! In a note Audrey asked of me, "Please, tell all the teachers this basket has brought so much pleasure to so many people."

So thank you, dear ladies, for your participation in this wonderful project yet again. Kindness is often rewarded in the most unique ways. Yours brightened the day of one left behind, one who was not with us in body but was the recipient of your incredible generosity.