Diamonds in the Night


Pre-washed dark sweatshirt Masking tape
Freezer paper and Iron Fabric glue
Saran Wrap Plastic-covered shirt board
Rhinestones Popsicle stick
Polymark paint: glitter silver, glitter gold, light blue

Basic Preparation

Place board inside shirt and secure arms and body to shirt board with masking tape. Cut a circle out of the freezer paper to represent a moon. You will be saving the OUTSIDE of your work, tossing away the circle.


Using Poly paint in your choice of color, place three tiny dots on shirt in a tree triangle pattern. Mentally divide your triangle vertically and carefully squeeze out the paint in a horizontal zig zag pattern lightly. Chose another color and do the same to the other half of your tree design. Place as many trees as you like on your shirt remembering that LESS is better.

When you have your triangle trees in place with your zig zag design, pull off a generous piece of saran wrap and ask a partner to stretch the saran wrap between you and then gently place the stretched wrap down on your wet paint trees.

Using the Popsicle stick, carefully "draw" a perfected tree design on your shirt over the saran wrap. When you are satisfied with your work, peel away the wrap from the top of your shirt to the bottom. Discard wrap. You may now take the bottled paint and touch up your trees and add ground lines and shadow lines.


Carefully place cut out moon on your shirt and iron it in place. Fill center of design with paint and then peel off paper. Use your fabric glue to adhere rhinestones for your "diamonds in the night". Let your shirt dry over night on the shirt board. Enjoy!