Name Tag Contest

All Camp attendees are required to wear name tags that include their name and cabin number. These tags are helpful in socializing, but necessary in the case of an emergency. The tags are to be displayed on colored cords worn around the neck, and the cords themselves provide information regarding the number of years each wearer has attended:

white - first year
red - 2 - 9 years
blue - 10 - 19 years
gold - 20 - 29 years
green - 30 - 39 years
purple - 40+ years

This year, we invite you to create your own tag. Use any medium you like...paint, wood, fabric or any other materials of your choice. Feel free to design your name tag at home and bring it with you, or use your time at camp to create it. It will be placed on display on Monday evening with all other entries. Each camper will have one vote to cast. Winner of the contest will be announced on Monday night and will win a certificate suitable for framing. So put on your thinking caps and enter this fun new venture. Good Luck to all!