craft classes

Clay Pot Lighthouse

taught by

Debi Stoppkotte

Your garden or deck will be gorgeous with this clay pot lighthouse. It even has a solar light right on top. This craft will take 3 class time slots to complete, as you will need to allow time for glue and paint to dry before adding the decorations. Class times will be devoted to 1) glue pots together, 2) paint them with base coat, 3) decorate them and add light. Debi says she will be available at each of the 3 sessions for your work. Brushes, paint and the light will be supplied but you MUST provide the clay pots in sizes of 10", 8", 6", 4", and a 4" tray. Note: Because you will not use the entire class time allowed, you may be able to sign up for another class if that teacher is agreeable.

Cost: $15

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